Century Bird

McBrdwchr at aol.com McBrdwchr at aol.com
Mon Jan 3 17:03:47 PST 2000

Hi, Tweeters:

Shouldn't living through most of the nineteen hundreds (born in Arizona the 
year it became a state) entitle one to post a Century Bird?  Let me name 
CASSOWARY, seen in Queensland, Australia in 1985.  Not to mention JABIRU; or 
FROGMOUTH, seen near Cairns on the same trip.   As for North America my 
favorite is cheery, CHESTNUT-BACKED CHICKADEE.  I never tire of the friendly, 
"dee-dee-dee' greeting from this small bird whenever I appear on the patio.   

Still twitching, though at a slower pace,

Amy McQuade
Mercer Island
McBrdwchr at aol.com

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