Best time for birding?

Larry & Jacque Goodhew lgoodhew at
Tue Jan 18 11:28:28 PST 2000

Hi Not sure if there is a best time for either Costa Rica or
Arizona. Have lived in Arizona and have enjoyed all the months . Even
the hot ones can provide some interesting birds in the higher
Six of us flew into Costa Rica in March of 1997 to spend 2 weeks
birding. Our only planed in advance item was to renting of a van.
None of us had been there before so we thought any thing would be
good. We did study the guides well before we went and one of our
group had a guide to where to look, but I can't remember what it was .
We just birded till late afternoon and found a place to stay with
some times a bit of birding after. but it gets dark early there. We
found nice rooms each evening, Once only $7.00 US per couple.
At the end of our stay we had logged 376 species. so we were happy.
March still had a lot of birds that had not left for the north yet.
This gave us good looks at many of our familiar birds plus many of
their neat local ones. For me the most striking bird was the
Speckled Tanager, it is hard to believe that the bird is real. The
picture in the book doesn't do it justice. Good birding. Larry
Goodhew Walla Walla

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