the Great Owl Prowl

Rahne Kirkham rahne at
Sat Jan 22 07:54:15 PST 2000

Yet again the truth of my favorite saying, "birding is not for sissies" has
been proven! Four intrepid (and sleep-deprived) birders led by Great Horned
Bryan met at 3:30 AM at Lincoln Park to search for elusive owls. Bryan
hooted high and low as we wandered in the dark and just as we novices were
about to give up, we heard the faint rubber ball bouncing call of a Western
Screech Owl. We searched for it but saw it not when we heard another from
yet another direction. Again no luck in seeing it. We wandered further in
the drizzly dark (which was kind of cool, being in a Seattle Park after dark
and not being mugged) and suddenly heard three different owls from three
different directions! Each bird has its own unique sound. It was pretty
thrilling to me since I've never heard any owls in the wild. Then we heard a
female calling-higher in pitch! In the end, we did not SEE any owls but we
sure heard them! It is now 7:46 a.m. and I'm going back to bed!.
Rahne Kirkham
Federal Way, Washington
rahne at
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