PUFFINS at Cannon Beach

Nene W northwestmom at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 22 18:14:32 PST 2000

Hi Kari, yes, it's a great place to see puffins as
well as scads of other species (the usual, often
including pelicans). We were there in late May/early
June about 7 years ago and had a great time watching
the puffins. As well as just having a great time at
Cannon Beach. Depending on the tides (which can be
awesomely low in June) you can walk right up to the
base of the Rock and stake out a place to watch until
the tide comes back. My husband is what I call a
"tolerant part-time" birdwatcher and he thought it was
fantastic. Good Birding!

Danene Warnock
Bellevue, WA
northwestmom at yahoo.com
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