RFI: Ohio

Jon. Anderson and Marty Chaney festuca at olywa.net
Fri Jul 14 23:14:58 PDT 2000

Hi folks,

Marty and I are vacationing to Ohio next week and the week following. The
trip is ostensibly to do some amateur genealogical reconnoitering to the
Lancaster and Coshocton areas, to see some Indian Mounds, see some caves,
and to introduce our kids to 'midwest heat and humidity' and prove to them
why our ancestors emigrated from there to here 155 years ago.....

Frank Clayton graciously passed to me his copy of "Birds of Ohio" (Many
thanks, Frank - lost your address...). I've also browsed the Ohio version
of Tweeters/OBOL on Jack Siler's web page, but If anyone on the list has any
personal recommendations for birding/history/geology/restaurants/etc. in
that part of that foreign State that they'd be willing to share, I'd greatly
appreciate any pointers.

Thanks in advance.

Jon. Anderson
Olympia, Washington
festuca at olywa.net

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