Hungry Sharp-Shinned

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Fri Jun 2 06:56:23 PDT 2000

Hello, Tweeters,

Yesterday while outdoors, I heard my Violet-Green Swallows all carrying on, yelling with that voice that says "raptor!". A Sharp-Shinned hawk was clinging to one of my swallow boxes, obviously trying to get one of the just hatched babies inside. He clung like an overgrown chickadee, I wasn't aware that sharpies had that capability. He didn't get anything, the swallows mobbed him furiously, and he flew away from the box. However, he circled it several times, ignoring both me...I was about twenty feet from the well as the entire clan of swallows who were still attacking him. Finally he flew off, still being mobbed by the swallows.

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Oly, WA

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