Birding San Diego

Jack Stephens jsteph02 at
Sun Mar 5 06:22:03 PST 2000


For advice on birding San Diego/Salton Sea area, I would strongly recommend
buying a copy of the Lane series birding guides that covers Southern
California. The Lane books are a great asset when birding unfamiliar areas;
I was able to find six out of six target birds on a trip to Los Angeles/Dana
Point last year due to its information. At two weeks from your trip you
should be able to mail order a copy from the ABA, or it may be available
locally from Flora and Fauna books. If you get stuck, e-mail me and you can
borrow my copy. I also have heard of a birding guide in the Salton Sea area,
if you are interested let me know and I'll dig up his name for you. Best of
luck on your trip!
Jack Stephens
Edmonds, WA
jsteph02 at

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