Strange ducks at the Fill

lars a.w. jureus jureus at
Wed Mar 15 22:17:30 PST 2000

Hi Tweeters

Today I saw a pair of very strange looking ducks at the Fill. They looked
similar to mallards but both the male and the female had a large irregular
white breast patch, the female also had a distinct white eyebrow and the
male seemed to be lacking most of the white neckring. Both the male and
the female seemed to be a little bit larger than a "standard" mallard. I
moved to Seattle last year from Europe and is not that familiar with
different sub-species in the area, but I have birded the Fill on a
regular basis for year and not seen anything like these two. Neither could
I find them in any of the field guides I looked in at the bookstore.
please give me your thoughts on this?

good birding,

Anders Jureus

P.S They were hanging out the small pond at the southeast corner of the
Fill where the clay-colored sparrow was seen earlier this winter.

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