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FYI, copied and pasted from the King County web page:

March 16, 2000
Round-the-clock hotline set for environmental violations

King County Executive Ron Sims and Councilmember Jane Hague today announced
a new citizen complaint hotline that will allow Department of Development
and Environmental Services (DDES) staff to react to serious environmental
violations during off hours.

Acting in response to citizen concerns that damage could be done to the
environment that, if not immediately repaired, would have long term impacts,
Sims and Hague said the 24-hour line activated today will alleviate such

"If someone is cutting a tree in a sensitive area over the weekend, for
example," Sims explained, "It could do irreparable damage in terms of
erosion, tree canopy, water quality and damage to fish habitat.
Traditionally, by the time crews come back to work Monday, there is little
that can be done to restore the damage."

"Our 24-hour staffed hotline can alleviate these problems. Round-the-clock
environmental expertise will be available to respond to citizen complaints
regarding the most serious environmental hazards."

The hotline service begins tonight at 4:30 p.m. With this service, citizens
can report serious environmental hazards, such as illegal clearing and
grading or lack of proper erosion control measures, at 1-(888)-437-4771.

County employees at an existing 24-hour Roads Division hotline receive the
initial calls, then dispatch the calls to DDES staff to respond on site if
the situation warrants immediate action. Sims credited DDES staff for
quickly developing this new, responsive service by working collaboratively
with the Department of Transportation and by using existing resources.

Councilmember Jane Hague, who has served as chair of the County's Budget and
Fiscal Management Committee, was instrumental in promoting this emergency
hotline. She said it serves two critical functions. "This new service not
only gives our quality natural environment a new ally, but it creates an
opportunity for long term savings by tackling problems as they occur, rather
than waiting for more major environmental problems to arise."

For additional information, please contact Jim Sanders, DDES Development
Engineer at (206) 296-7178.

Updated: March 16, 2000

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