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Dan Victor dcv at
Wed Mar 22 08:04:34 PST 2000

Back in the seventies my wife and I lived in an apartment which had a
flat-roofed house below.  A one-legged gull used to land there and we
started tossing him some scraps.  We named him Peg Leg.

To increase our enjoyment we put a small homemade birdseed shelf on one of
the window sills and enjoyed watching the little sparrows coming to feed.

Suddenly, one day, a large beautiful bird landed and started picking out
the sunflower seeds from the mix.  It was spectacular, with a black
crescent under the neck, a spectacled belly, long beak, and a red
moustache.  It showed reddish under the wings when it flew.  We couldn't
believe it! 

I went to the bookstore that day and poured over the bird books trying to
find it.  Finally, there it was.  That Red-shafted Flicker made a
birdwatcher out of me. 

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