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At 7:34 on March 29, Ed Newbold wrote:

"My conclusion is that we should remember to give bird (and butterfly,
amphibian, etc) guide books whenever it’s time to give gifts to
families that have kids in them. Dave Hutchinson at the very
excellent Flora and Fauna Bookstore on 1st Ave in Pioneer Square at
Washington St. might just second the motion."

I couldn't agree more. Although there was a delay of a few
months, my interest in birds was sparked by the gift of a bird book,
"Bird Study in British Columbia" by J.A. Munro, by my late
grandparents to me on my 11th birthday. It was one of the things that
helped to establish a special bond between me and my grandmother that
lasted all her life, until her death last year at the age of 92.

Giving a gift of a bird book, a bird video, or maybe an
inexpensive pair of binoculars to a child at an impressionable age is
something that could well spark an interest in birds and/or the
environment, and is something we should all consider at gift-giving
time. It should be followed up, whenever possible, by inviting the
child (and his/her parents) on a bird-watching outing or two, even if
it is just to feed the ducks at the local park.

I'd also like to thank Michelle for starting what must be one of
the most popular threads in TWEETERS history. It has helped me to find
out a bit more about some of my fellow TWEETERS as individuals, and
how they got into this fascinating hobby.

Wayne Weber
Kamloops, B.C.
wayne_weber at

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