SEAWATCH: Peter Iredale 11/05/2000

Mike Patterson celata at
Sun Nov 5 15:10:52 PST 2000

Count for 
the Peter Iredale Overlook, Ft Stevens, Clatsop Co., OR
05 November 0820-0850hr

Tide:out going
Weather: cloudy with showers
         Wind W 5-10; Temp 45F

Method: 30 min count from Peter Iredale overlook at Ft Stevens St Pk
4km SE SJCR using 20x60 Bushnell spotting scope and 8x50 Bushnell
binoculars. Birds were sorted as to flyby, sitting on beach, or sitting
on ocean.
                             	Fly	Ocean	Beach	total
Common Loon              COLO	1			1
Pacific Loon             PALO	150	2		152
RT Loon                  RTLO	2	1		3
Brandt's Cormorant       BRCO	1			1
Brown Pelican            BRPE	3			3
Green-winged Teal        GWTE	18			18
Surf Scoter              SUSC	32	12		44
White-wing Scoter        WWSC	22	2		24
Black Scoter             BLSC	1			1
West Gull                WEGU	5		2	7
GW Gull                  GWGU	1			1
WxGW Gull               WExGW	1			1
Herring Gull             HERG	3			3
Ring-billed Gull         RBGU	1			1
Heermann's Gull          HEEG	1			1
Black-legged Kittiwake   BLKI	1			1
Common Murre             COMU	2			2
Bald Eagle..             BAEA	1			1
Am Crow                  AMCR			22	22

Notes: I moved to the winter alternative site at the upper parking
lot Peter Iredale.where I can scope, if necessary, from the relative
comfort of my vehicle.  PACIFIC LOONS were moving north (yes, north)
at 3-15/minute.  A single HEERMANN'S GULL was going south.

Mike Patterson               Alas, to wear the mantle of Galileo,
Astoria, OR                  it is not enough to be persecuted    
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                             you must also be right. 
                                                     ---Robert Park

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