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Thursday, 2:30 PM, November 2nd. Hi, this is Yvonne Bombardier. My phone
number is 425 348 8845. Today I relocated the RED-SHOULDERED HAWK reported
yesterday by Steve Mlodinow on Spencer Island. The hawk is hanging out in a
grove of trees that juts out into the marsh north of the barn and on the west
side of the island all morning. I was there from 9:30 to !:00 today. It fed,
and was harassed by a HARRIER at one point and it seemed to interact a lot
with the other raptors.

Friday, 7:57 AM. November 3rd. Hi this is Tom Aversa reporting a couple of
HARLAN'S HAWKS in the Monroe area near the prison farm. Just south of the
prison farm and about a mile north of the back road to the west side of #203,
there is a real interesting light bird. It looks a lot like KRIDER'S
illustration in the book, but I imagine it's a light HARLAN. Thanks. I should
add that both of those HARLAN'S were adults.

Friday, 11:50 AM, November 3rd. This is Vic Nelson at Point No Point at the
northeast tip of the Kitsap Penninsula. Yesterday I had the first two ANCIENT
MURRELETS of the season, just off the Point, and also, I had a ROUGH-LEGGED
HAWK, which circled around the Point for several minutes and then flew back
north towards Whidbey Island. There's no COMMON TERNS or PARASITIC JAEGERS
that I've seen for the last 38 days. There's still a few BONAPARTES,

Friday, 2:46 PM, November 3rd. Hello, this is Dave Beaudette at 206-365-2083.
Today, November 3rd in Snohomish County, I saw the
RED-SHOULDERED HAWK at Spencer Island in the grove of trees previously
described on the BIRDBOX, north of the barn - also seen by Keith Lind, Steve
Pink and others. Thanks a lot. 'Bye.

Friday, 4:42 PM, November 3rd. Hi this is Steve Mlodinow. Ian McGregor and I
spent an hour or so at Edmonds today at the fishing pier. The main highlight
was a ROCK SANDPIPER, and there was about 30 BLACK TURNSTONES at the rock
jetty, just next to the fishing pier. They flew off and headed south; it was
unclear whether they landed further down the rock jetty or continued on.
Also there was an ANCIENT MURRELET calling very close to the fishing pier,
and lastly, we had a CLARK'S WESTERN GREBE intergraded and a very nice facial
pattern but a very typical WESTERN GREBE bill. That's it. Good luck and good
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Lani Johnson
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