Snowy Owl Beyond Nisqually Gate

Lynn & Carol Schulz linusq at
Thu Nov 16 07:32:39 PST 2000

Hi Tweeters:
A Snowy Owl was reported out close to the tideflats at Nisqually NWLR. It
was seen by a refuge volunteer who has access to the closed area, out beyond
the gate which is closed to the public during hunting season. His sighting
was a few days ago. Yesterday, during our Nisqually Fieldtrip, I read about
the owl in the bird sightings notebook at the visitor's center.
We had a great day in the open-to-the-public section of the refuge
yesterday. I hope to post a report to Tweeters today. We saw two
Rough-legged Hawks.
Yours, Carol Schulz
linusq at

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