Aggressive crows

Toni Hawryluk tonihawr at
Mon Oct 2 17:26:22 PDT 2000

>I saw what I assume is the same gang of crows harassing one of my harriers
>later in the day. They would NOT leave her alone. THere were about twelve
>crows and they took turns driving her higher and higher into the sky. She
>fled with them right on her tail, attacking her individually.
>Is anyone else seeing overly aggressive crows? I wonder if this bunch isn't
>gang that's looking for new turf now that the Hawk's Prairie Landfill has
>been closed to them.
>Why would they attack a human??

Why not ?  and I'm not being funny.  I've wondered for a long time
why animals/birds don't attack humans - especially humans who are
not carrying recognizable weapons.  Animals/birds are not stupid -
and they do recognize firearms .....

I'm also reading/hearing that there are more and more vicious types
of attacks on humans by young and younger people, many of them fatal
for the victims.

And I believe the answer was in the book  "The Naked Ape"  by
Desmond Morris.


Toni Hawryluk
tonihawr at

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