RFI Vol 4 Birds of British Columbia publication date?

Birders2 at aol.com Birders2 at aol.com
Mon Oct 2 19:05:42 PDT 2000

Hi Tweeters,

With the publication of Kenn's and Sibley's books I began thinking about the  
publication date of Vol. 4 of The Birds of British Columbia by R. Wayne 
Cambell, etal, published by UBC Press.  Does anybody on Tweeters have any 
update on its due date?

I believe that it was supposed to be published this year, but have not heard 
anything about it lately.  Last I heard it was in final checking and proofing 
and was to go to press this year.  So if anyone has anything new, I would 
appreciate hearing.

Thanks in advance.

Great birding and find that next lifer,

John  (One of Birders2)
John + Irma = 2, we are birders, too.

John C. LeVine  Birders2 at aol.com  Los Angeles, CA

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