White goose with honkers

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<< s an aside, if the domesticated goose described by Michelle was all white,
and if it was a barnyard goose (domesticated variety of the Greylag (Anser
anser)), it most likely would be a male. The females of this domesticated
variety usually have some brown and/or gray in their plumage.

Yes, the bird I saw is all over white as the driven snow.......far cleaner,
by the way, than my so called "white" horse!!! And Phil "ScrubJay" Kelley
also mentioned that "she" was probably a "he" based on his coloration. Well,
I haven't heard any reports in the last day of Mr. White Goose Hangin with
the Wild Boys, but I'm sure I've stirred up enough interest that we'll be
hearing about him again soon.
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Oly, WA

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