starling roosts

Blake Iverson coopershwk at
Thu Oct 5 15:11:33 PDT 2000

Hi tweeters,

Feels good to be back on! Yesterday at soccer practice there were
probably around 80-90 starlilngs with a few band-tailed pigeons and with my
bad luck with raptors some sort of accipiter attacked. I heard the chink
chink alarm and heard the roar of the wings and saw them doing formation
flying. (band-tailed pigeons too)Of course I was busy so I could not watch
the whole thing and see if the hawk made a successful attack. I guessed that
it was an accipiter because all the birds flew away from the trees doing
formation flying rather than sit tight like an attacking falcon! Maybe next

Blake Iverson
Arlington, WA
coopershwk at

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