Blue Jays

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Hi all,

"The jays you are seeing ,Stellar Jay"

I may be wrong, but aren't Scrub Jays also fairly "common" in the Willamette
Valley of Oregon? I saw one this summer in Milwaukie OR. on the shores of
the Willamette. Gaston is not that far away... (I saw a pair of real Blue
Jays in January, but that was at Sandbanks Provincial Park S of Trenton
Ontario. I have no idea what any self respecting bird was doing on the N
shore of Lake Ontario in mid January, it must have been 40 below.)

Cliff Drake
Seattle WA
ardea at

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> Hi Julie Pruitt;

> I'm glad you are having fun with the birds in your yard. Most Blue Jays


> found East of the Rockies. The jays you are seeing ,Stellar Jay which are

> endemic to our part of the continent. If you have a Feild Guide book you


> check out all the details. The Stellar Jay is the official bird for


> Columbia.

> Good Birding

> John and Heather Neville

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