More on Jays

Diane Martin jerseycow at
Wed Oct 18 08:35:09 PDT 2000

Okay - we may be getting all jayed out but - has anyone done any studies
on the effect of the expanding Scrub-Jay population on the Steller's
Jay? I'm in Lewis county and have been watching the Scrub-Jay number
rising for the past 4 or five years - we had two nesting pairs that I
was aware of on our property this summer. Steller's never have nested
here (that I am aware of), they are more of a fall, winter presence, but
since the arrival of the Scrub's we don't seem to be seeing as many or
as often. Yesterday I observed a Scrub-Jay harassing a Steller in order
to steal a walnut from it. Are the Scrub-Jays more aggressive by nature
and likely to displace the Stellers?

Diane Martin

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