Two Tropical Kingbirds at Ocean Shores (10/22)

Gene Revelas grevelas at
Mon Oct 23 10:01:56 PDT 2000

Hi Tweets,

I was off-line all weekend and didn't hear of the Sullivan's Tropical
Kingbird at Ocean Shores until this morning (Monday). I decided to go Damon
Point yesterday to enjoy the sunshine. When I arrived at the Ocean Shores
Marina around 1:15 in the afternoon, the first birds I noticed were two T.
Kingbirds actively foraging, bathing in some puddles, and perching on the
phone wires and small trees in and around the trailer campground next to the
Silver King motel at the base of Damon Point. After enjoying them for about
30 minutes. I hiked around the point for the rest of the afternoon. Both
Kingbirds were still there when I left the area around 5:30. Other birds
of note on the spit were a single Rough-legged Hawk and 6 American Pipits.
The only shorebirds seen were two BB plover and a G. Yellowlegs at the pond,
a single Dunlin on the beach, 6 flyover B. Turnstones, and calling Killdeers
here and there.

Gene Revelas
Tacoma, WA
grevelas at

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