Nighttime calling bird?

Mike Cummings mook at
Tue Oct 24 13:15:24 PDT 2000

A couple nights ago, at about 10:30, I went out into my backyard to look
at the stars. We have a big tree back there which is often frequented by a
band-tailed pigeon. When I got to the middle of the yard, I heard a sharp,
high-pitched "tseeeee!" It was LOUD, and made me jump. The sound lasted
about half a second, and the pitch tailed downward ever so slightly at the
end. It definitely came from the big tree. I heard it a couple more
times, then it stopped. I got the distinct sensation of being scolded. Any
ideas on what this loud night-bird may have been?

Mike Cummings
Seattle, WA (Maple Leaf)
mook at

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