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Wed Oct 25 20:43:13 PDT 2000

Hello Brian and Tweeters,
It was one of this unbelievable day of birding on last Saturday.We started
out so late and sofar going to Ocean Shores we realy din't see that
much.Comming from Bowerman,whe both agreed
" We this need one top bird "to make it ok (we was trying to find a Sharp-
tailed Sandpiper)
Checking out the usual place where we always find the Palm Warblers.I heared
Patrick saying go get you camera i got a 'TROPICAL KINGBIRD".This is the
right time where there been sighted before in Washington ,but not every
year.We had this bird first close to the Hotel also close to the Retirment
home.He also flew real high in to the fir trees almost hidden.I stayed with
this bird as Patrick persuet to bird all Damon Point almost for three
hoursThe Sun was out and the Lemon Yellow on the chest was so bright to the
contrast from the darker gray head ,he realy looked to bright for our area
here in the North West.I got all my photos back and there are fantastic
good,taken photos from the sides and also from the front.At one time i was
thinking i also had two birds,but not together.The other bird was flying
around the hotel and sitting on telephone wires and the one i was so close
to was close to the marina sitting always on top of the smal fir trees.I did
take some photos on the bird on the telephone wire,but not so close which i
did not get back yet,this bird you could not approach real close.So i
believe that original there was two Tropical Kingbirds even so i did not saw
them together.

Ruth Sullivan
godwit at
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> Hi Tweets -


> Well I was part of the group down at Ocean Shores yesterday, but not as

> early as the rest of you. I arrived about 3:45 PM and proceeded to

> search the area the Tropical Kingbird and warblers had been seen. Worked

> it over pretty thoroughly, and then went to the area closer to the

> marina. Between 3:45 and 5:00 PM no sign of the kingbird, but that could

> have been because of the Peregrine Falcon that showed up a couple of

> times. Including one time right down over the point. I checked out a

> couple of other places at OS, including the jetty.


> Back at the marina at 5:30 and the Tropical Kingbird was on a wire above

> the parking lot just to the Damon Point side of the marina behind the

> motel. Immediately recognizable without binoculars from Pt. Brown Rd by

> it's flycatcher habits - darting out from the wire and then back. From

> 5:30 to 6:10 the bird variously worked from the wires or from the row of

> small trees on the west side of the parking lot making sallies out for

> insects. Got some nice binocular and scope looks, tried some pictures

> (hopefully the light wasn't too bad - overcast). Grey head, largish/med.

> heavy bill, greyish/green back, brown coverts, tertials, and primaries

> (secondaries hidden) edged with whitish, tail brown and definitely

> forked, breast/belly/flanks almost lemon-yellow. In sunlight this bird

> would have been spectacular. Primaries seemed to be staggered, but it

> didn't always cooperate and hold them to be seen well. The bird finally

> flew down to a rock on the groin and disappeared. It is a good looking

> bird, well worth the trip.


> Cheers,


> Brian H. Bell

> Woodinville Wa

> bellasoc at




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