Columbia Estuary Report and banded Cackling Goose 10/28/2000

Mike Patterson celata at
Sat Oct 28 12:21:52 PDT 2000

Columbia Estuary Report - 10/28/2000

A CACKLING GOOSE with a yellow collar Q.ZT was at the Warrenton
sewage ponds this morning. It was very tame and possibly injured.

18 ALEUTIAN GEESE flew over the South Jetty parking lot (against
a stiff 30mph wind).

Two ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS were seen today. One in Warrenton and one
at the Ft Stevens Historiacal Area.

Scott Rea reports a second year LAUGHING GULL from the observation
deck of the SJCR yesterday (Friday) and 5 MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD working
the driftwood behind the back ponds.

5 WHITE-TAILED KITES are hanging out on Chinook Valley Rd. between
Ilwaco and Chinook, Pacific Co. WA.

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