Canada Geese Subspecies/WBNU

RTShaw80 at RTShaw80 at
Mon Oct 30 20:27:08 PST 2000

Hey Tweets,
had some interesting geese with some tags on them yesterday down Lower River
Road by Vancouver Lake.
Had a Dusky with a red neck tag, letters PY on them, and a Cackler, I
believe, with a yellow neck tag having the letter C on it. Any special
meaning to these tags you all might no about? Also, any good references to
ID Taverner's Canada Goose?

The White-breasted Nuthatches at Ridgefield, are they of a different race
than the ones in the Ponderosa Pine area of E. Washington? I don't have
either one of there calls burned into memory, but I seem to recall that they
have different calls. Either one of them always throw me off in the first
place, as I am still used to the WBNU calls of the ones back east.

Good Birding

Ryan Shaw
Lacey, WA
RTShaw80 at

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