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It must be hairy woodpecker Picoides villosus harrisi.
Greg Toffic

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I got this email listed below and need help answering. Does anyone know the
answer? Please email if you can help. Thanks Sherry Hagen
littlebirder at netzero.net

>>> I'm working on a carving display for the Columbia Gorge Interpretive

Center in Stevenson. It is to depict the wild life that Lewis and Clark saw
in the gorge as they came west and as they went east again in the spring.
Their Journals mention this Harris' Woodpecker they saw at the mouth of
the Willamette River.They described it. "saw a small speckled woodpecker
with a white back." Coues identified this bird as Harris' woodpecker,
Denprocopos villosus harrisi (Audubon), a species unknown to science until
Audubon described and named it in 1838.
I can't find it in any of the books now. I'm wondering if the bird is
now extinct. Can you give me any help on this?
By the way I found out that they found forty some different animals,
birds, fish or reptiles in the Gorge. The Feather and Quill Woodcarvers have
taken on this project.
Thank You, Cecil

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