Melakwa Lake on Sunday-Birds and Snakes!

Lydia Gaebe lgaebe at
Mon Sep 18 05:35:20 PDT 2000

Hi Tweeties!

Yesterday a friend and I made the nine mile round trip hike up to Melakwa
Lake above I-90 about two miles from Snoqualmie Pass.

We didn't SEE any birds, but if you are a birding-by-ear expert you would
have HEARD an astonishing variety.
My hiking companion did see a STELLARS JAY though.

I did, however, catch wonderful glimpses of a PIKA, busily hauling fresh
vegetation down into his den amidst the rocks. The little critter also
allowed me to photograph it as it seemed to be contemplating the early fall
colors on the trees across the lake.

Two snakes were also sighted. One snake appeared to be very large, black
with deep, blood red longitudinal stripes along its body. Any snake people
here? Was this another variation of the GARTER SNAKE? That serpent
appeared to be at least four feet long. Another snake was a green and gray
striped garter snake.

Time to slither off to work.....

Lydia Gaebe In Kent, WA
lgaebe at
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