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>A Costa's Hummingbird in Shoreline, WA
>Donald Norman, Norman Wildlife Consulting
>On 25 April 2000, a male Costa's hummingbird was observed in the garden of
>the author in Richmond Beach in Shoreline, WA.  Several large windstorms from
>the south preceeded the appearance of the bird, which remained in the area
>until at least 17 May.  The bird was seen by a large number of persons, but
>eluded capture for more detailed examination.  There were at least 6 feeders
>up in the area at the time, and Anna's hummnigbirds are resident in the area
>due its location close to Puget Sound.  On 2 May, a male Rufous Hummingbird
>showed up, which is seen irregularly in the area in the summer.  Rufous were
>seen earlier during migration on 2 March, harassing the resident Anna's.  On
>5 May a female Rufous was present, and by 9 May, 2 females.  On 18 May, the
>male was seen displaying, and birds were seen regularly.
>The Costa's fed extensively on the yellow flowers of overwintering Brassicas
>in the garden, and was also observed to flycatch extensively from a regular
>perch.  As the male Rufous asserted dominance over the feeder, the Costa's
>and Anna's were seen less than prior to 2 May.  Observations on the feeder,
>adjacent to the kitchen in the house, allowed the documentation of the
>arrival of the Anna's at dusk, followed by the Costa's, after what was
>assumed to be the last feeding by the Rufous for the evening.  On one
>occasion, it was observed that the Anna's and Costa's appeared from nearly
>ground level to feed.
>Apparently, this is the 2nd record for the state, and reports of other
>Costa's were received during the same period??
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