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Thu Sep 7 20:19:11 PDT 2000

Greetings Tweeters,

I don't post often, but I need to share an unusual happening(at least for
me). Yesterday (Wednesday) I looked out my office door and saw an accipiter.
Not unusual you say? Well the door does not open on to the "great
outdoors", but the inside of a large industrial laundry(100,000 sq. ft
concrete tilt-up). Some how this juvenile female Sharp-shinned hawk had
gotten into the building. She did not seem at all stressed. She would fly
around the building near the roof and settle back down on the same piece of
sprinkler piping. As much as I appreciated the opportunity to observe this
bird from the comfort of my office(yes, I did have my binoculars in my brief
case), I know that it was not the best environment for this young bird.
With the help of the chief engineer and the stockroom manager we opened two
smoke vents in the roof in hopes that our visitor would find her way out.
After a few minute of preening she did one last fly-by and rocketed up and
out of my life. It was a great fling while it lasted. What exciting
happened to you at work on Wednesday?

Al Mangold

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