What were these birds????

Lydia Gaebe lgaebe at email.msn.com
Mon Sep 11 17:08:55 PDT 2000

Hi Tweets!

Driving over highway 2 outside of Sultan this weekend I spied a group of
large birds perched high in the trees along the river. They were raptor
shaped and mottled with light and dark plumage. It was rather cloudy and
dark both days I drove past them (Late Friday afternoon and mid-day Sunday).
I thought they were immature bald eagles, but on Sunday I saw the same group
of birds in the same trees where one was "hanging its wings out to dry" a
cormorant posture.

Would a cormorant "hang out" so close to a group of bald eagles or was this
a bald eagle with a problem?
Lydia Gaebe In Kent, WA
lgaebe at msn.com
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