This morning on Coxcomb Hill - 9/12/2000

Mike Patterson celata at
Tue Sep 12 13:23:21 PDT 2000

Coxcomb Hill, Astoria, Clatsop Co. OREGON
9/12/2000 0810hr to 0845hr
clear 16°C wind N 8kph
pressure 1016

Downy Woodpecker 1
Band-tailed Pigeon 4
Rock Dove 1
American Crow 1
Cedar Waxwing 7
Black-capped Chickadee 2
Golden-crowned Kinglet 4
American Robin 5
Winter Wren 1
Wrentit 3
Spotted Towhee 1
Song Sparrow 1
Fox Sparrow 2
Red Crossbill 8
Evening Grosbeak 12
Pine Siskin 2

total diversity 16
total individuals 55

Notes: No warblers, not even a suspiscious call note.
Three WRENTITS in a single group, all singing, may represent
a movement.

Mike Patterson Alas, to wear the mantle of Galileo,
Astoria, OR it is not enough to be persecuted
celata at by an unkind establishment,
you must also be right.
---Robert Park

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