Look Ma'!!!... See the 'Sandhills'???

Gerald Hamilton gerald at e-z.net
Mon Sep 18 18:17:18 PDT 2000

..........A cloudy morn. gave way to a nice, sunny aft. at River-S Unit
of Ridgefield NWR just north of Vanc. Wash.
..........28 Great Egrets were seen in the almost dried-up area on the
left just past the 1st drainage slough. 11 more Great Egrets were seen
at the north end of Rest Lake. The Long-billed Dowitchers of late have
departed the scene.
..........260-300 Sandhill Cranes were heard and seen spread out along a
cornfield at the west end by the dike.(I counted up to 260 and gave up
after realizing there were *more* among the cornstalks!!).
..........5 Ruddy Ducks swimming on the biggest body of water
encountered(SE area). Loads of Mallards, Cinnamon Teals, and a few
Pintails. Zillions of Red-winged Blackbirds (...a noisy bunch!!) on a
group of trees in the area. Turkey Vultures and the 2 common species of
Hawks soared above. Great Blue Herons everywhere.
...........Barn and Cliff Swallows everywhere. Water is being pumped into
a few of the dried-up wetlands. But for the most part, most still are
bone dry at this time.

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