unidentified flycatcher

Joanne H. Powell jhpowell at iea.com
Sun Sep 24 07:38:25 PDT 2000

Hi, all:

Yesterday afternoon I looked out my kitchen window and saw what appeared to
be a small flycatcher in the lilac tree about 4 feet from my window. It was
black or very dark grey on top, light underneath and there were markings
around the eyes but the glimpse of the head was too fast to get more than an
impression of the face. It had its head in the leaves but the rear was
towards me for 10-15 seconds. The tail was held cocked and had faint barring
on it. The only thing I could find in my guides that it looked like was a
blue-gray gnatcatcher. Are they ever in this area? If not, what other
species would be likely? Hope to hear from you on this. Thanks much.

Regards, Joanne
Reardan (Spokane) WA
mailto: jhpowell at iea.com

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