Painted Bunting (!) in Breesport

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Date: Sunday, April 01, 2001 12:21 AM
Subject: Painted Bunting (!) in Breesport

>What a great Sunday morning -- I turned up a beautiful male painted bunting
>in the company of some gray-crowned rosy finches (surprised to see them at
>this altitude) and a bushtit in Breesport.  Absolutely beautiful bird.  Not
>much else -- as though I needed anything else, but on the way back to the
>car I did find some bobcat scat with what appeared to be the remains of a
>sharp-tailed grouse feather in it.  I put it all in a baggie and have it in
>my freezer; I'd be glad to have someone who's a little better at this kind
>of analysis take a look at it.
>To get to the bunting:
>Take 90 south to the Fisherville exit; take this east about two and a half
>miles until you go under the covered bridge.  A dirt road will be on your
>right about 200 yards later, pull in here and go about a quarter of a mile.
>The bird was in a stand of hackberries on the left.
>Jim McCoy
>jfmccoy at
>Redmond, WA

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