Pheasant at Montlake Fill

Bruce McKenzie bmsh.mckenzie at
Mon Apr 2 12:31:44 PDT 2001

Yesterday afternoon while at the Montlake Fill we saw a Pheasant a few yards west of the pond just off Wahkiakum Lane, near the Center for Urban Horticulture. This is the pond just Northeast of the big pond. The Pheasant was no more than 10 yards away from us and not too nervous so we had a very good look.

In reading the various ID books I have they only list the Ring-Neck Pheasant as native to North America. One book lists a "green" sub-species. The Pheasant we saw at the fill does not have a white ring on the neck.

I recognized this Pheasant as what my grandfather called a Rooster-Tail Pheasant. I'm now wondering if this is a hunter's reference rather than an actual species or sub-species. If anyone can clarify my grandfather's reference I'd appreciate it.

The only picture I've been able to find is at:

If you click on the third male picture in the right-hand frame (the one above the female) you'll see:

The one we saw at the fill yesterday has a bit more brown on the back but otherwise looks the same.

Bruce McKenzie
Kenmore, WA USA

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