RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR -- 04/27/2001

The Dumroese Family dumroese at iGlide.net
Fri Apr 27 21:35:59 PDT 2001


* northern Idaho / eastern Washington / northeastern Oregon
* as above
* April 27, 2001
* IDWA0104.27

- birds mentioned

Marbled Godwit
Barred Owl
Tricolored Blackbird

- transcript

hotline: northern Idaho / eastern Washington / northeastern Oregon
Date: April 27, 2001
Phone: (208) 882-6195
Compiler: Kas Dumroese
Transcriber: Kas Dumroese - dumroese at iglide.net

This is Kas Dumroese with the Northern Idaho / Eastern Washington /
Northeastern Oregon bird hotline for Friday, Apr 27 (2001). This hotline,
sponsored by Palouse Audubon, is updated every Friday evening. If you wish
to bypass this recording and simply leave a message for me, including the
date of your sighting and the DeLorme atlas page numbers and coordinates if
you have them, push the star button on your telephone now. Otherwise wait
for the beep at the end of the tape. Please give me good directions, your
fellow birdwatchers will appreciate it.

This past week the only TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS reported were from the Crab
Creek area in Grant Co WA where they have been reported the past couple of
years. The birds have been seen from the overlook along road 22 NE east of
WA 28. To get to there from Soap Lake, take WA 28 east toward milepost 73.
Just east of milepost 73, turn north onto road 22 NE toward Marlin. Go 1.9
miles to the large pullout on the north side of the road. Thanks to Joe
Lipar for the update. WA DeLorme 69, A-8.

The vocal BARRED OWL was last heard in Genesee, Latah Co ID on 24 Apr
according to Terry Gray. Terry had been hearing the bird nearly every night
for the past 2 months, particularly between 8 and 10 pm. It seems to prefer
the dense trees at the corner of Hazel and Pine. If you enter Genesee from
US 95, Pine Street heads north just after the grocery store. ID DeLorme 58,

A MARBLED GODWIT was at Mann Lake east of Lewiston, Nez Perce Co ID on 23
Apr according to Bryan Jamison jami9197 at aol.com. From the north end of
Lewiston, follow US 12 south into town, cross the Clearwater River on
Memorial Bridge and immediately take the first left (east) toward East
Lewiston. Turn left (east) onto East Main Street and go about a half mile to
the flashing yellow lights. Turn right (south) onto Lapwai (a.k.a. Lindsay
Creek) Road. When the road forks stay right on Lindsay Creek Road (Nez Perce
County Road 460) and follow it about 5 miles to its terminus at Grelle
Avenue. Turn left (east) onto Grelle Avenue and just past the sharp right
curve, turn left (east) onto East Powers Avenue (a.k.a. Lapwai Road).
Continue straight (east) past the grain towers to the main parking lot. ID
DeLorme 54, A-1.

If you have any questions about birds on the report, call me before 9 pm at
208.883.0943. If you see any of the birds mentioned in this report, be sure
to let me know.

Good birding.

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