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This is the Vancouver Bird Alert for Tuesday, December 18th evening

Rare bird alert continues for the IVORY GULL.

Species noted:
Yellow-billed Loon[Robert's Bank Jetty]

Black-crowned Night Heron[Reifel]

Eurasian Wigeon[Roberts Bank]

Cinnamon Teal[Reifel]

Ring-necked Duck[Surrey]

American Kestrel[Delta]

Peregrine Falcon[Richmond west dike]

Black Oystercatcher[Tsawwassen Jetty]

Black Turnstone[Point Roberts]

Rock Sandpiper[Point Robert's]

IVORY GULL[Robert's Bank Jetty]

Long-eared Owl[Richmond west dike]

Great Horned Owl[Richmond west dike]

Barred Owl[Reifel]

Townsend's Solitaire[Queen Elizabeth Park]

Crested Myna[Wylie & 2nd Vancouver]

Townsend's Warbler[False Creek]

White-throated Sparrow[Surrey]

Snow Bunting[Tsawwassen Jetty]

Western Meadowlark[Blackie Spit]

Common Redpoll[Richmond west dike, Beach Grove]

Sightings for Tuesday, December 18th

The IVORY GULL was reported from the same location it was seen
on Saturday. To locate this bird drive west on Deltaport Way. When
the road veers to the left towards the container terminal, follow the
road as it curves around the small bay until it ends at a large parking
lot and a gate. Next to the gate is a sign that reads "Deltaport Ship
Access Gate". The bird was just offshore of this sign on a barge
containing a large orange crane with "Fraser River Pile and Dredge"
printed on it’s side. The bird at times was moving around the
equipment on the barge and would be out of sight for short periods of
time. Due to the bright lights of the facility it is possible to see the
bird quite well after sunset. Birders should be cautioned that the west
end of the Jetty is an active industrial site and during the week has a
high concentration of fast moving truck traffic.

Also seen at this location amongst a large raft of AMERICAN
KESTREL was sighted near the intersection of Deltaport Way & 41B.

Sighted on a drive along the Tsawwassen Jetty were 2 SNOW

Monday, December 17th

The IVORY GULL was not observed Monday but a possible immature
YELLOW-BILLED LOON was found near the small bay at the far SW
corner of the Roberts Bank Jetty.

Reported from the Reifel Refuge were 14 CINNAMON TEAL, 2

On the monthly shoreline survey of Mud Bay the only birds of note
were 2 WESTERN MEADOWLARKS at Blackie Spit.

24 RING-NECKED DUCKS were observed on a pond found along the
Semiahmoo Trail, which is located south of 32nd & west of 148th in
south Surrey.

Two CRESTED MYNAS were seen at their now usual haunt of Wylie
& 2nd in Vancouver. The alert would appreciate any sightings of
CRESTED MYNAS seen in the Vancouver Area. It is feared the
population may be down to just these 2 birds at this Wylie & 2nd
location. On a survey in February of 2001 only 5 MYNAS could be
located on a search of the Vancouver area and all were not far from
the remaining birds locale.

Sunday, December 16th

The IVORY GULL was located in the afternoon at the north west tip of
the Coal Port Jetty in an out of bounds area.

On the Tsawwassen Jetty 2 SNOW BUNTINGS were seen near its

The provisional count total for the Vancouver CBC is 123. The bird of
the day was a TOWNSEND’S WARBLER at False Creek. A
TOWNSEND’S SOLITAIRE was counted at Queen Elizabeth Park
and a total of 11 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE were tallied
in the count area.

Saturday, December 15th

The IVORY GULL was relocated in the afternoon at it’s present
location at the end of the Robert’s Bank Jetty.

Two SNOW BUNTINGS were seen on the Tsawwassen Jetty.

On the monthly Terra Nova bird survey 2 LONG-EARED OWLS and 1
GREAT-HORNED OWL were seen. Out of the count area but in the
same vicinity along the Richmond west dike were a PEREGRINE
REDPOLL was seen at Beach Grove.

A ROCK SANDPIPER was seen with a flock of BLACK-
TURNSTONES at Point Robert’s Lighthouse Park.

A tan morph WHITE-THROATED SPARROW was seen in a yard of
the 16400 block of 23rd Ave. in Surrey.

Thank you for calling the Vancouver Bird Alert & good birding.


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