Snohomish Gyrfalcon

Grace&Ed Kane kane3d2001 at
Fri Dec 21 19:55:44 PST 2001

I believe the Snohomish Gyr is back in residence at the same location it was
found last year. At 4:00 p.m. today I found the bird perched at the very
top of a leafless tree in the middle of a green field south of Snohomish.
Take Lincoln St south from Second St in Snohomish(turns into the
Snohomish-Monroe Rd) After 1.5 miles there are a couple of tall, leafless
trees off in the field on the right (southwest). I wouldn't call this an
absolute ID as the light was failing and I had only my binos (a scope would
definitely be handy here). I did note the heavy body, wings that come
noticeably short of the tail tip and the white foreneck. I would guess it
to be a grey phase adult.
Anyone else seen this bird? Back me up? Shoot me down?

Ed Kane
kane3d2001 at

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