Myna listability

Rachel Lawson RachelLawson at
Sat Dec 22 10:16:15 PST 2001

I knew this question would get some excited responses....

California Condors, Yellow-throated Warblers and even Ivory Gulls are safe
to list. The rule in question pertains only to introduced exotics. Native
birds that later get into trouble and vagrants that get here without human
help are listable. The ABA and state and provincial bird record committees
decide, based on the evidence available, whether a lone wanderer got here
without assistance, and is therefore countable. They also decide when an
introduced exotic has become an established breeding species and is
therefore countable. I am glad to hear from Wayne Weber that Wes Biggs may
be wrong on the details and that the Crested Myna probably won't be wiped
off the North American list. I have to admit, though, I find it hard to
get very excited about exotics. I have them on my own list but I don't
LIKE them.

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