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In case you haven't heard about this one:
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BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD: Welder Mike Madden, 48, is an amateur
inventor. He designed a "bird-feeding hat" -- a hat with a tray holding
bird seed and nuts -- and wore it himself on its inaugural test run
near his home, known as Crackpot Cottage in West Yorkshire, England. "I
was out walking through the woods with my friend Craig," he said.
"Kaboom, I was on the floor. I didn't see much of what happened but
Craig told me he saw the squirrel flying through the air and land right
on my head." It attacked the food tray with such force that it
destroyed the headgear, and Madden is being treated for whiplash. "I've
always liked squirrels, but once you've had one land on your head
traveling about 30 mph you can easily go off them." (PA) ...I don't
know; that sounds like the basis for a hit TV series.

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