Yellow-throated Warbler still in Twisp

Rachel Lawson RachelLawson at
Fri Dec 28 19:42:40 PST 2001

Today I drove out to Twisp and found the YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER.  It 
appeared for about 5 minutes at 11:45 and again at 12:15 at the Burgar Rd. 
location, feeding on suet, apples and apple juice.  I stopped twice at the 
trailer park location and didn't see the warbler there, but there was at 
least one COMMON REDPOLL in the big, flighty flock of finches.  So, let's 
see, that's a 13-hour trip in the snow over two mountain passes to get 10 
minutes' look at the target bird....  Hey, is birding fun, or what?!

I made a detour on the way home and saw 30 Gray Partridge at the Ellensburg 

Rachel Lawson
RachelLawson at

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