Seattle Parrots

Douglas F Daily dfdaily at
Sun Feb 4 15:25:21 PST 2001

We haven't been birding much this winter, nor am I diligent enough
in my feederwatching, although the SPOTTED TOWHEE is back,
after an absence of several years, and despite all the construction
and urbanization near us, so fuzzy gardening does pay off.

Today while sticking a shovel into what should have been the last
pile of potatoes in the garden, I heard sounds that could
only mean PARROTS.
There were no potatoes, but I got my nocs out and checked the
trees across the street. I could hear them but couldn't see them.
We're one block south of Northgate in Seattle.

Finally something spooked them, and off they flew. I got two
flybys, flybies?, they passed over me twice quickly, so I couldn't
identify individuals. There were 10, possibly 11 parrots.

Mild winter, happy parrots. Last seen heading east and squawking.

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