Warbler guide

Constance J. Sidles csidles at mail.isomedia.com
Sat Feb 10 06:10:56 PST 2001

Hey tweets, Just a plug for the Peterson Warbler Guide on sale at the
remainder table. This is a terrific book. Not only does it show warblers in
different plumages, but it tells when, where and how they migrate (so you
can plan your next major birding trip, or dream about one at least). I used
the book once to identify a fall cerulean warbler flitting about in a
frustrating manner among trees and brush deep in a Tennessee swamp. Without
the book, I would have had to walk away with just another LBJ on my list.
Last year at Sabine Woods near High Island (Texas), I finally saw male
ceruleans in full breeding plumage. They were great, but even their
stunning blue, black and white colors didn't give me quite the joy that
discovering and identifying that little brown job in TN had done. - Connie

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