Annual Skagit Flats Hawk Census

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Thu Feb 22 05:45:02 PST 2001


Thanks very much for posting the results of the Skagit/Samish Flats
Hawk Census. The effort put into this is impressive, and the results
are intriguing. Do you have a report, or a speadsheet somewhere, that
compares the results from different years?

For your information, we in British Columbia started doing cooperative
raptor counts in the Fraser Delta area in 1970. These counts were
started by Wayne Campbell, and have been coordinated by the Vancouver
Natural History Society. They have been carried out not once a year,
but either once a month or once every 2 months, year-round. There was
a break in coverage-- the raptor counts were dropped sometime in the
1980s and re-started in the mid-1990s-- but the amount of accumulated
information is enormous. We have counted Northern Shrikes as well as
hawks and owls, because they are predatory birds that are found in the
same areas and easily counted.

A summary report was written on the first 15 years or so of Fraser
Delta raptor counts, but I don't seem to have a copy.

For more information on the Fraser Delta raptor counts, you may
contact Jude Grass at jude.grass at , or Kyle Elliott at
kelliott at . Jude and Kyle have both coordinated the
raptor counts at different times.

Keep up the great work-- it's well worth the effort!

Wayne C, Weber
Kamloops and Delta, BC
contopus at

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> Hi Tweeters,

> We completed the twelfth annual Skagit Flats Hawk Census last


> with excellent weather and a great turnout of volunteers (over 100


> We have 27 teams surveying routes covering 158 square miles during a


> hour count period (9-11 am) on the Skagit and Stillaguamish River


> here in northwestern Washington.

> Many thanks to all of those who generously helped out.

> Incidentally, we would love to encourage a "sister count" on the


> Delta by the BC birders in the future.

> Here are our preliminary results. Bob Merrick, the count

coordinator, is

> currently checking all of the survey forms for errors and will have


> official totals in a week or two.


> 1. BAEA......420

> 2. RTHA......336

> 3. NOHA.....143

> 4. RLHA........64

> 5. AMKE.........4

> 6. MERL.........8

> 7. PRFA.........1

> 8. PEFA.......22

> 9. GYRF.........2

> 10. SSHA........6

> 11. COHA......17

> 12. SNOW.......4

> 13. SEOW.....20

> 14. BAOW.......1


> Buteos......7

> Accipiters 1


> Unofficial total.......1,056


> As usual, the "Big Four" species made up over 90% of the totals.

> I think one of the main values of this survey is to demonstrate

what an

> unrecognized national treasure we all have in the Skagit Flats.


> Bud Anderson

> Falcon Research Group

> Box 248

> Bow, WA. 98232

> 360.757.1911




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