Columbia Estuary Report 1/17/2001

Mike Patterson celata at
Wed Jan 17 16:26:33 PST 2001

Columbia Estuary Report 1/17/2001

Sub-adult BALD EAGLES have become conspicuous over the last week
or so as we approach the winter eagle peak.

The SNOWY OWL was at the SJCR on Sunday. Todd Thornton found
one LAPLAND LONGSPUR as well. NORTHERN FULMARS are still being
seen from the jetty.

Todd also reports the return of a HERMIT WARBLER to his feeder

Three different GREAT HORNED OWLS (one high pitched male and
two lower pitched feamles) were doing interactive calling across
from my house on consecutive nights this weekend (making enough
noise to bring our neighbors out to ask what was going on).
A NORTHERN PYGMY OWL was calling outside my house early Sunday
morning. SHORT-EARED OWLS are still being seen at King Av.
I seem to recall Alan Contreras suggesting we do an owl count
of some sort this winter; looks like now's the time.

Another dead BARRED OWL has been found in the county. This
brings the count to 4 dead owls (and I still haven't seen a live

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