Hummingbirds and Baby Owl Fuzz

Vicki Biltz Sawwhet85B at
Sun Jul 1 20:28:15 PDT 2001

Lydia, My thinking and experience tells me they were probably checking out the owls as a potential threat.  Several years ago when Fay McAdams, Diane Yorgeson-Quinn and I were watching the barred owl babies, chickadees flew over and checked them out. Later I saw several others including hummers do this. Barred owls love to eat other birds, and they were possibly wondering if there could be a problem.  Of course they flew off and didn't harass the owlets at that time.  Perhaps they lived to regret it!!!!

lgaebe at wrote:
> Hi Tweeties,
> Here's a strange one.....
> An owl nested on a window ledge near a friend's office.  While the owlets
> were still fuzzy, hummingbirds were hovering around the owlets seeming to be
> interested in their fuzz.  I know hummers like spider webs for nest
> building.  Could they like baby bird fuzz, too?
> The owls and hummingbirds in question live in Southern California.
> Lydia Bishop
> Kent, WA
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