RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR -07/06/2001 ADDENDUM

Dave Holick daveholick at moscow.com
Sat Jul 7 14:32:11 PDT 2001


* northern Idaho / eastern Washington / northeastern Oregon
* as above
* July 7, 2001
* UDWA0107.07

- birds mentioned


The following information should have been included in this week's RBA
sent earlier today.

This week there were several reports from around the region of migrating
shorebirds being seen. On June 30 Mike Denny counted 27 LESSER
YELLOWLEGS and 100 WILSON’S PHALAROPES at the ponds behind Iowa Beef.
There were also numerous BLACK-NECKED STILTS and AMERICAN AVOCETS here.
Take Dodd-Road in western Walla Walla Co WA, which is at US 12 milepost
301.5 about 5.5 miles north of the jct of US 12 and US 730. Follow
Dodd-Iowa east about 0.5 miles past the slaughter house, the road goes
down a little hill and then back up. At the top, turn right onto a
gravel road that used to be a railroad grade. Follow it to settling
ponds. WA DeLorme 40, CD-1.

An estimated 2500 BANK SWALLOWS were seen headed south on June 30 over
Walla Walla River Delta at the junction of hwys 12 and 27, Walla Walla
Co WA. Accessed 0.1 mile north of Madame Dorian Park. There’s a pull-out
along US 12 at milepost 306.9 and a path to the delta. WA DeLorme 40,

On June 30 at Kahlotus Lake, Franklin Co. WA, Mike Denny reported 115
pairs of nesting EARRED GREBES, the largest known colony in E
Washington. Other unusual birds included one male and three female
BUFFLEHEADS; also, a male COMMON GOLDEN-EYE. After sundown, he observed
50 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS flying over the lake. DeLorme page 54, C-4.

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