Destruction on a smal Pond

Ter Ellingson ellingsn at
Fri Jul 20 09:49:35 PDT 2001

Ruth Sullivan's description of a nocturnal destructive raid on a backyard
pond sounds very much like two raids that happened at our old home in
Seattle's Wedgwood neighborhood. The culprits both times were raccoons,
who are plentiful in many city neighborhoods as well as the suburbs and
country. In our case, they were after our shibunkin goldfish, and had two
very successful hunts, finishing off about 40 the first night, and a dozen
the second time. We tried covering the pond at night with tarps after the
first raid, but of course they figured out how to uncover it anyhow.
Twenty of the fish survived by hiding under plants and rocks; and the
upsetting and destruction of plants that Ruth describes was produced by
the raccoons as they waded around in the pond chasing the fish and trying
to uncover their hiding places -- or in her case, most likely, the hiding
places of the frogs.

Ter Ellingson

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