Dennis Paulson's Statement

Mike Patterson celata at
Tue Jul 24 08:10:11 PDT 2001

There are several rules I try to follow when expressing reservations
about a particular report:
1. I send my note off list and give the observer the opportunity
to make the public corrections.
2. I generally phrase the note: "This would be unusual [this time
of year, for this place, in these numbers]." And I then provide a
list of more likely alternatives. I also make the recommendation,
if they believe they are certain of the report, that they write a
few details and send them to the records committee and/or fieldnotes
3. I always try to follow up on reports when they are in my patch,
no matter how skeptical I am. That's why I have seen Gray-crowned Rosy
Finch and Common Redpoll in Clatsop County.
4. I try to set an example by providing details of those unusual
species I see and correcting any public claims I've made which turn
out to be a product of my over zealousness or inexperience (I've
been at this for 30 years now and am still making mistakes and learning
new things).

"Korpi, Ray" wrote:


> Tweets,

> I have been lurking as usual, and read with interest Dennis Paulson's

> statement about the shorebird reports. He's right on target here--in our

> quest to be open-minded about sightings at times, we probably haven't called

> some records into question. On OBOL, such discussions at times have become

> contentious, but they are an important part of the learning process in

> birding. In order for our reports to maintain their legitimacy, we need to

> ask questions and police ourselves; otherwise, the contributions of

> "amateurs" that have been criticized in political circles as biased and in

> error will become less and less legitimate, even though they are more often

> than not true.


> Hopefully, one day, I'll get back out in the field (or even just out of the

> damned office) and be able to defend a report of my own. Good birding to

> all,

> RK


> Ray Korpi, PhD "In March, with the cliff swallows

> in Mexico

> Clark College headed north, the committee

> meetings

> Vancouver, WA will not even be put on the

> calendar."

> --John Janovy, Jr., Keith

> County Journal

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