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Fri Jun 1 15:47:26 PDT 2001

Hello tweets,

the earth liberation front ("ELF") claimed responsibility for the
fire that destroyed part of the urban Horticulture Center at the
UW, causing $3 million in damages. they sent a FAX to various
news organizations, claiming that UW researcher, toby bradshaw,
"continues to unleash mutant genes into the environment that is
certain to cause irreversible harm to forest ecosystems."

ELF promised that "As long as universities continue to pursue
this reckless 'science,' they run the risk of suffering severe losses.
Our message remains clear, we are determined to stop genetic

unfortunately, if ELF and other similar terrorists successfully
intimidate academic scientists with their reckless destruction of
publically-funded research, this sort of research will be driven
"underground" and into the waiting arms of corporate and
privately-funded scientific research where, in practice, the public's
interests are NOT necessarily guaranteed nor safeguarded.


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